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XJY Series Twin Screw Extrusion Sheeter

XJY Series Twin Screw Extrusion Sheeter

Application:This machine is used to extrude compound sheet for GK300, F270, GK400 and F370 mixers.

Structure features

This machine is mainly composed of  twin-screw extruder and two-roller sheeter. The compound from Mixer is sent to the hopper of twin-screw extruder. The  two screws rotate relatively and extrude the compound to two-roller sheeter which press the compound into a certain width and thickness sheet. The compound is cooled during conveying and sheeting. The sheeter can be moved out 1000mm for machine maintenance and cleanness.
Twin-screw extruder and two-roller sheeter adopt micro-wave level and roller load and screw load to control the machine’s linkage and ensure the extruder does not pile up the compound and the sheeter can work stably with continues sheet.
For the inclined twin-screw extrusion sheeter, because two screws are installed inclined, the threads of the twin-screw meshes each other to improve the ability of screw eating compound, conveying and self-cleaning and shorten the stay time of compound in screw, and avoid from compound being blocked, burned and adhesion. 
The working surface of screw, barrel and hopper are all painted with wear-resistant alloy to improve their servicelife.

Main Performance Parameters


Model of mixer applied
F270(GK300) F370(GK400) F370(GK400)
Screw spec. (mm)
Φ300/740X1240 Φ416/936X1475

Extruder power (KW)
2X75 132,160 160 2X110 185, 200, 220

Screw speed (r/min)
Max.22 Max. 24 Max. 23.5 ~Max.19
Barrel size (mm)
Φ510x1065 Φ410x965 Φ410x1100 Φ510x1065

Baffle width (mm)
650~850 950 750~950

Power (KW)
2X75 132,160 160 2X110 185, 200, 220

Barrel speed (r/min)
Max.22 Max.27 Max.28.7 Max.27
 Output (t) 9 ~11 11~13
 Equipment weight (t) ~35 ~45
Overall dimension (not including chute) (LXEXH) 4200x3720x2755 4070x4800x2500 4070x6500x2500 4810x3800x2755 4650x5200x2755
            Normal type                                      Compact type

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