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Batch-off Line

Batch-off Line


Mainly used as down-stream equipment for mixer, associated using with mixer, twin screw extruder or open mill for sheet soaking, cooling ,drying and pack stack.

Structure features

Inlet conveyor adopts steel roller conveying, equips with stock marker and slitter, shares one AC VFD with incline device, delivery speed is adjustable.
Bars are driven by the piston rods at two sides of cylinder, use unilateral bearing to keep the position of bars when cylinder piston rods retract, thus realize the intermittent movement of bars. 
Adopts dip tank for paint antitack solution, it can paint uniformly, does not pollute the environment and cooling effect is better than spraying.
Cooling tunnel is totally enclosed type, the fans blow the sheet obliquely which can increase the cooling effect.
Automatic gripper of rubber grabbing device can realize full-automatic control.
Electric control adopts PLC, it can achieved high automation level and reliability.
Floor type or overhead type according to the customer requirement, pack stacker can be set on the first floor sheeting or second floor or both first and second floor.

Main Performance Parameters

XPG-600 XPG-900A XPG-900Q XPG-900F XPG(Ⅲ)-900
Max. width, mm 600 900 900 800 800
Max. thickness, mm 3~12 6~12 6~12 6~12 6~12
Transportation speed, m/min 3.5~35 4~40 4~40 4~40 4~40
Effective bars, pcs 41 70 70 70 66
Max. loop length of sheet,mm 1400 1400 1400 1400 1400
Qty. of cooling fan, sets 12 18 26 18 24
Length of wig-wag,m 1~1.3 1~1.3 1~1.3 1~1.3 1~1.3
Total capacity of power supply, kw 10.7 18 34 20.4 23.4
Weight, t 8.3 14.1 32.5 27 24
 Overall dimension, mm  L 14592 19020 23434 19700 23453
W 1000 2410 3410 3400 3300
 H 3997 3735 11455 1435 11320

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