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Complex Extruders

Complex Extruders

Application:The complex extruder is used for producing passenger tire, light truck tire and truck radial tire and also can be used for compositing of tire crown rubber, tire shoulder flange rubber and base rubber; compositing of sidewall rubber and bead wear-resisting rubber, compositing of apex and extruding of shoulder cushion. Duplex extruder can  be used for producing bias tire and complex extrusion for tread and sidewall through extruder head. 

Structure features

The complex extruder is composed of two or more sets of pin barrel cold feed extruders or hot feed extruder. It is pig-back. The head is locked by slops of clamps drived by hydraulic control system. The complex extruder is reasonably compact and its performance is safe and reliable. 

Main Performance Parameters

 Screw diameter
 screw L/D  Feeding characteristic   kW
Main motor power
Pressure of cooling water
Pressure of softened water
Output Max
90 14、16
Cold feeding
55 0.2~0.4 0.2~0.3 250~400
120 14、16 110 600~1100
150 16 220 1300~1700
200 16 315 2400~2800
250 16 500 3500~4800
200 6、8
Hot feeding
185 2500~3000
250 6、8 220 4000~5000

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