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Inner liner extrusion & calender line with face to face extruders

Inner liner extrusion & calender line with face to face extruders

Application:Its characteristic of hot rubber applied, all-steel inner liner extruder & calender line becomes to major machine in radial tire production. The line is used for producing various inner liner, thin rubber sheet. Which not only used for producing one-layer air barrier, but also can be used for producing two-layer air barrier. The extrusion products have the qulity of high accuracy, compactness, even thickness and low temperature.

Structure features

The line is composed of two sets of pin-barrel cold-feed extruder with wide head,moveable base two sets of two roller calender, take-away, appling device, cooling (cooling can or air cooling) device, cutting and wind-up. Wide extrusion head use channel insert that can insert diffrerent block for different extrusion width. Extrusion head, extruders, temperature control unit (TCU), hydraulic station and cable are put on a moveable base, which can move back 4m for easy rubber clear, channel insert change, final die change and maintenance. Two roller calender can calender 0.5~5mm rubber sheet. Calender top roller sleeve can be changed for different rubber shape. Shaft cross agencies ensure even thickness. There are a gap adjuster and a safty cylinder under bearing block of bottom roller and above roller , which will protect roller from damaging caused by overload. Take-away is a roller conveyor, which moves up and down via cylinder. A dancer adjusts speed at the end of roller conveyor. Effective working face of incline and centering conveyor is 1200mm. Width measure accuracy ±0.5mm, centering accuracy ± A dancer adjusts speed at the end. Effective working face of decline and rubber sheet applied conveyor is 1200mm. Use sponge roller or silicon roller for applied, cylinder drive the roller. Under right pressure the shape size of applied rubber would not change. A dancer adjusts speed at the end. Cooling can size is Φ800×1200, Cooling device total have five can groups and two cans be a group.Separate AC motor drives each group alone. Two-station four-let off applied device placed before wind-up conveyor , that composed of four let off with alternate rubber feeding. Two-station be a group and placed in centerline of the line a left a right, one work and one standby. Moveable wind-up conveyor with 1200mm working width and 2500mm working length is drived by AC motor drives. It can move 400mm towards wind-up direction via driving cylinder. A dancer adjusts conveyor speed at the end.

Main Performance Parameters

No. Item  
1、 Φ200 extruder,2sets Paramater
  Screw diameter mm Φ200
  Screw L/D   16D
  Pin No. in a row/row   10/12
  Screw speed Max. rpm 35
  Extruder motor kW 315~355
  Output with head open t/h NR 1.6t/h;
  Final die opening Max. mm 1050×18
  Center height (Screw axis and rail plane distance) mm 1300
  Extruder overall dimension (length×width×height) mm ~7780×3610×2340
  Extruder weight t ~25
2、 Two roller calender, 2sets  
  Roller diameter   Φ400
  Calender motor kW 45~55
  Roller working face length mm 1200
  Roller speed ratio   1:1
  Roller linear speed Max. m/min 40
Inner liner production speed by two extruders: 11.00R20, extrusion temperature≤110℃ m/min ≥9
Thin rubber sheet production speed by one extruder: 11.00R20, extrusion temperature≤110℃ m/min ≥20
  Roller gap mm 0.1~25
  Calendering sheet thickness mm 0.5~4
  Calendering sheet width mm 400~1080
  Laminated thickness mm 1~10
  Laminated width tolerance mm ±2
  Single thickness tolerance mm S<1.0; ±0.05
S≥1.0; ±0.10
Laminated thickness tolerance mm S<2.0;  ±0.10
S≥2.0; ±0.20
  Thickness symmetry tolerance mm ±0.1
  Laminated accuracy of alignment mm ±1
  Calender weight t ~18

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