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0°Breaker extrusion line

0°Breaker extrusion line

Application:This line is used to produce the O degree steel cord breaker. 

Structure features

This machine is composed of creel stand, steel pre-combing device, pin barrel cold feed extruder (including temperature control device), cover-open type head, take-off &cooling device, storage device, two-station winding-up device and electrical control system etc.
The steel wire is let off from creel stand and pre-combed on pre-combing device, then go through the combing plate in head. Close the head and start the extruder for rubberization. Then the rubberized cord ends is taken off by worker and go through the cooling device. After cooling and shaping, the cord is sent to storage device and finally to the two-station wind-up device for winding.
The creel stand is in air conditioning room to control the temperature and humidity constantly. There are 80 creels at most, and each creel seat is with tension control device to control frictionally braking creel. The head is equipped with pressure sensor to control the head pressure. Storage device has four dancer rollers which can store separately two rubber belt. The enough length of semi-finished products is stored to save time to change rubber roll at two-station wind-up device and control the winding speed. The two-station wind-up device has two winding station to realize constant tension winding.

Main Performance Parameters

Max. Creel stand no. 80 Screw Dia. 90mm
Power of main motor 55kW 0 degree breaker width 20~60mm
Linear speed of take-off & cooling device 2~28m/min Motor power take-off & cooling device 2.2kW
Stored length 5m Motor power of wind-up device 1.5kW
Rubberized linear speed of line ≤12m/min    

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