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Single roller head extrusion line

Single roller head extrusion line

Application:The line is used for producing thin rubber products, such as tire cushion, thin rubber sheet for tire and rubber sheet for medical stopper. In higher configuration conditions, the line can be directly used in production of thin rubber sheet for tire. The line has been approved by several practices.

Structure features

Single roller head extrusion line mainly composed of Φ200 extruder, single roller head, take-away, cooling, length cutting, scale, booking or wind-up. For different requirement, rubber sheet will be length cutting or wind-up on line. It remarkable characteristic is single roller head replace of dual roller head and two roller calendar. Single roller head on extruder fed by extruder with plasticize rubber  extruds thin rubber sheet in low pressure. For different recipe and different rubber character, extrusion pressure keep in 2.5Mpa~6Mpa, that realize low temperature low pressure extrusion and little shrinkage. Though action of extrusion, take-away, shrinkage, cooling, length cutting, rapid separate, scale, booking or wind-up to produce qualified thin rubber sheet.

Main Performance Parameters

Max. output: ~2t/h;                                                                  Linear speed: 3~30m/min;
Max Extrusion width. ~580mm                                         Extrusion thickness: 1~10mm;
Width tolerance: ±2.5mm                                                     Thickness tolerance: ±0.1mm;
Extrusion temperature: ≤115℃                                              Compressed air: 0.7MPa;
Power supply: AC 3~380V±10% 50HZ;                                 Total installed capacity: ~1300A;
Cooling water: ≥0.4MPa, 25℃±5℃;                                   Water consumption: 25 m3/h;
Softened water: ≥0.2MPa; cooling length ~80;                   cooling type: by air;

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