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Steel breaker belt extrusion line

Steel breaker belt extrusion line


This line is used to produce steel breaker belt.

Structure features

This line is composed of creel stand, Φ90 pin barrel cold feed extruder, cooling & take-off device, cutting & splicing machine, edging machine, wind-up device and electric control system etc.
The creel stand is in air conditioning room to control the temperature and humidity. There are 184 creels at most, and each creel seat is with tension control device to regulate the steel tension.
The cooling & take-off device is to take the steel cord from creel stand and the steel is go though the extruder head for rubberization. A steel brush is to brush steel cord burr and then is sent to the cutting & splicing machine after be cooled and shaped. These steel cords shall be stored in the form of single loop. 
When the cord length is enough to cover the photoelectric switch between cooling & take-off machine and cutting &splicing machine, the cutting machine begins working, and the servo motor drives vacuum adsorption board to grasp the belt to preset position and the cutting device cuts it. Meanwhile joint it with the cord cut. The joint servo belt shall send the cord according to preset parameters and wait for next jointing. The action program above said goes round and round, the steel breaker without edging are produced continuously. The conveyor belt of the cutting & splicing machine take off this steel breaker and form a single loop for storage. 
When the cord length is enough to cover the photoelectric switch between cutting &splicing machine and edging machine, the draw-out device of edging machine shall automatically draw the breaker into edging machine and send the finished steel breaker out of edging machine. The breaker edged forms a single loop for storage between edging machine and wind-up machine. When the breaker length is enough to cover the photoelectric switch, the wind-up machine starts for winding.
There are two stations in the front of wind-up machine. When the first station works and the second station stops. When the second station works and the first station stops winding. This switch is realized by the friction clutch on winding shaft. The winding shaft is driven by motor to drive cord roll and wind the qualified steel breaker on bobbin wheel and used for next step. 

Main Performance Parameters

Max. width of rubberized cord 150mm Breaker width 50~260mm
Breaker thickness 0.65~2.0mm Steel dia. 0.65~1.36mm
Creel stand no. 144 Cutting angle 18~65°
Max cutting no. 32刀/分钟
32 cut/min
Knife length 416mm
Screw dia. 90mm L/D of extruder 1:14
Max rubberizing speed of line 15m/min    

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