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Two-stage building machine for OTR tire

Two-stage building machine for OTR tire

Application:Be used for the molding of 40.00R57 or other sizes(as 36.00R51、33.00R51 etc)type OTR.

Structure features

First-stage building machine adopt the harmomegathus metal drum (independent innovation technology and have patent certificate), run stably, with high repeatability precision, accurate locating,, dispense with removing the shoulder of drum, reduce the labour intensity and improve efficiency 20%.
Second-stage building machine adopt the radial direction harmomegathus ring form cylinder drum, which can be reliable to avoid the cord thread back, the end-product quality be enhanced 90%. The pneumatic and electronic control system are advanced and reliable.   

Main Performance Parameters

Name Main technical parameters Power medium
First-stage building OTR
● Ply-up drum parameter:
 Working diameter:  
 Tyre size: 51”    
 Shrinkage diameter: φ1136mm      
Fit diameter:φ1360mm
 Working width:3500mm
(Ply-up drum width:4500mm)
Ply-up drum revolving speed:max60RPM
Ply-up drum can preset automatically the ply-up position and 
offest the joints of various parts
● Inner width:2300~   mm
● Carcass cord width:  3500~   mm
● Nylon strength part width:180~ mm
● Steel cord fabric strength part width:
135~   mm
● Max. dia. of inner, carcass cord fabric bobbin scroll:  Φ800mm
●The bore of reel for Inner,carcass cord fabric:78×78mm
● Min. dia. of reel for inner, carcass cord fabric:Φ125mm
● The bore of reel for Inner, carcass cord fabric placemat :40×40mm
● Max. dia. of the part of Nylon strength part scroll:400mm
●  Diameter of reel for Nylon strength part:120mm
● The bore of woodern reel :40×40mm
● Ambient temperature:10~ 40℃
●Relative humidity:Max 95%
●Power supply:380V±10%,50Hz±2%,3-phase,4-line
●Total power:90kW
●Compressed air:7bar
●Compressed air consume:160 m3

Second-stage building  OTR
●Belt width:400~880mm
● Belt doubling width:300~700mm
● sidewall width:  300~700mm
● Max. dia. of belt scroll: Φ1000mm  
● Max. dia. of belt doubling scroll:Φ800mm
● the bore of reel for belt:40×40mm
● Min. dia. of reel for belt: 125mm
● The bore of reel for belt :40×40mm

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