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OTR winding line

OTR winding line

Application:The wrapping line equipped with the TBR building machine & wrapping station, and use for wrapping & sticking the tread of the TBR. 

Structure features

This assembly constituted by the cold feed pin extruder, sheeter head, strip cooling device, changeable position strip feed shift, orbitread device, wind working station and handling trolly etc.
The extruder fed with the tread rubber cooled & slitted from batch-off produces the round strip rubber. the strip  shaped by sheeter goes through the cooling device, bothsides of the rubber be cool below 70℃. The strip is sent to the fit device of orbitread machine through the changeable position strip feed conveyor and is applied on the tread on building and winding until to santisfy the requirment ,and then the orbitread process finishe. All the tyres taking off is done by the trolly.    

Main Performance Parameters

Orbitread size 17.5-25~26.5-25 Screw diameter 150mm
Extruder motor power 185kW Sheeter head 4kW
Strip cooling device drive motor power 2.2kW Wind working station expansion drum revolving speed 2~20r/min
Max. of orbitread width 1400mm Max. of orbitread thickness 100mm
Orbitread carcass diameter 1400~2000mm Orbitread weight accuracy ±1.5%
Orbitread thickness accuracy ±1.5mm Output ~15min/pcs

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