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Bladder shaping machine for OTR

Bladder shaping machine for OTR


It is used for the carcass load into bladder; shaping and carcass take off from bladder. 

Structure features

The bladder shaping machine consists of the shaping cover, beam, centre organization, bladder operation device, whole riser, pipe and control system. Central organization is used for clamp the bladder up & down bead and coordinate with mould.the seal surface is welding stainless steel cover. Bladder operation organization constituted by centre tank, cylinder end and down latch mechanism. Central tank and piston is made by wear-resisting corrosion resistant material.

The dynamic water (2.5 or 6MPa) goes to up & down antrum to take off the tyre. whole riser consists of the four plunger cases and two guide rails,The plunger is made by stainless steel.The dynamic water (2.5 or 6MPa) goes to up & down antrum of plunger cases to put on the no-cured tyre or take off  the tyre. 

Main Performance Parameters

Shaping tyre size,inch    24~42
Max of central water cylinder tension ,t 53(hydraulic pressure6MPa)
Bladder unbend trust,t 22(hydraulic pressure2.2MPa)
Water tank diameter,mm 360
Piston rod diameter,mm 125
Lifting ram cylinder up-trust,t 6.9+6.9(hydraulic pressure2.2MPa)
Water tank diameter,mm 200
Ram travel,mm 2500
Shaping medium air
Max. shaping pressure,MPa 0~0.3
High pressure water,MPa 6
Low pressure water,MPa 2.2
Steam,MPa 0.6
Overall dimension(length×width×high) 2240×2240×8105
Total weight,t 13