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Wide Rubber Sheet Extrusion Line

Wide Rubber Sheet Extrusion Line


This line is mainly used to extrude the wide rubber products with high quality, especially applied to produce rubber belt and can ensure continuousl stability of products’ section size. 

Structure features

The wide sheet extruder has two kinds of structure of single extrusion and two-extrusion. The former adopts one extruder with a wide head to extrude sheet and the later adopts two extruders and two heads which are connected by die coupler to extrude continuously wide sheet with even thickness. The sheet is pressed by calendar to form finished product. 
Compared with calendaring process, the production of this line has the special features: feeding calender evenly and continuously, homogenized quality, smooth sheet surface, accurate thickness, good density, no bubbles and high productivity. Also the extruder can produce all kinds of products with different width and specification by changing extrusion tools such as channel plates. So, this line has strong application.

Main Performance Parameters

Model and Spec. Max. Product Width, mm Extruder configuration Calender configuration Max. output, Kg/h Max. speed of line, (m/min)
Model Power,kW Model
XJF-250/250/2200W 2200 250×250 450×450 Φ820×2500 7000 20
XJF-250/250/2800W 2800 250×250 450×450 Φ820×3000 7000 20
XJF-250/1800W 1800 250 450 Φ660×2030 3500 20
XJF-300/2200W 2200 300 750 Φ710×2500 5500 20

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