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Continuous extrusion line for rubber hose & cable

Continuous extrusion line for rubber hose & cable


The line is used for rubber hose continuous extrusion, including inner coating, outer coating, single layer or multilayer.
The line is used for continuous efficient production of wire or cable .

Structure features

Rubber hose extrusion line is mainly composed of pin-barrel cold-feed extruder, temperature control unit (TCU), extrusion head, knitting machine, caliper measurer, cooling water tank, dragger, coating machine, length cutting system and electric control system.
Cable extrusion line is mainly composed of extruder, payoff machine, front and rear constant tension draught device, front airtight device ,cure pipe system, rear airtight device,cooling and air drying device,store device, winding machine, steam pipe line, water pipe, water height control system, diameter detector, length measurer, temperature detector, disconnect protector and electric control system. The line has characteristics of continuous and high-speed continuous production, and can produce two copper cables of same size at the same time

Main Performance Parameters

Extruder size Screw diameter,mm Screw,L/D Motor power,kW Screw speed Max. ,r/min Output,kg/h
XJD60 Ф60 12 22 80 80~150
XJD90 Ф90 14;16 55 55;60 300~400
XJD120 Ф120 14;16 110;132 40; 50 500~800

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